11 Jan 2017

We always recommend that training is provided to maximise the use of any new assistive technology solution.  But to ensure the effectiveness of that solution within the workplace environment, Coping Strategy Training can be a powerful boost to overall efficiency.  While it is common to train staff in the use of new software and/or hardware, it is less common to provide further training to ensure that the solution is used to its maximum effectiveness within a business. This requires the trainer to have an understanding of your business processes, an understanding of the tasks the client is required to perform, and what issues arise when performing those tasks. By identifying process improvements, and by setting mutually agreed targets and goals, it is possible to formulate a work strategy to improve all-round efficiency and pleasantly surprise both the client and the line manager.

Here is some feedback we received recently on completion of a coping strategy training session:

“My Coping Strategy training  from Enabling Technology Ltd has been informative, thought provoking and inspiring. It has enabled me to analyse my working practices to promote more efficient ways of working, thereby reducing the stress.

Initially I did not know what to expect from the training and was quite nervous but my trainer managed very quickly to put me at my ease which enabled me to participate fully in the training.

The training has also enabled me to set realistic goals and  increase my positivity. I have been made aware of recognised  techniques to  promote smart working practices and other outlets for information that I can utilise to further improve my performance.

Many thanks for all your advice.”

(Warwickshire client – January 2017)