16 Mar 2017

The new Windows 10 ‘Creators update’ is scheduled to roll out to Windows 10 customers in April and for most clients, it will arrive without notice. The third major update to Windows 10 since its release, the Creators Update has a number of significant code changes that have the potential to upset some assistive technology solutions.  New Windows 10 betas are still arriving weekly via the Microsoft Insider program, but our extensive testing indicates that SuperNova is compatible and only very small updates are required to optimise performance.  In summary customers running:

  • SuperNova 16 will need to update to v16.03 (scheduled for release late March)
  • SuperNova 15 will probably need to update to v15.06 (Recent Windows 10 betas have varied; final decisions will be made nearer the release)
  • SuperNova on Windows 7 are unaffected and need take no action.

The SuperNova updates will be released via the internet updater in late March, well in advance of the Creators Update, giving clients time to update SuperNova before the Windows 10 update arrives.  However Microsoft has agreed to perform a quick check for assistive technology, including SuperNova, before automatically applying the Creators Update, so clients that haven’t updated before April 2017 will receive a reminder from Microsoft.

If a SuperNova v15 update is required for Windows 10 users, the 15.06 update will be made freely available.  However SuperNova 15 will not be maintained after the 15.06 release.  Future Windows 10 changes will require a paid upgrade to SuperNova 16.  For this reason we are strongly urging clients still using SuperNova 15 to purchase a Software Maintenance Agreement to cover them for future Windows 10 changes.

Meanwhile if you have any questions or queries, please contact us at Enabling Technology Ltd. 01785 243111 or info@enablingtechnology.com