16 Dec 2016

DPI for Mac 6.0.4 EN has passed QA and will be available via the auto-update system. All customers will start seeing this at some point today, depending on individual timing. Customers can always manually request an update via Preferences > Updates.


Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6.0.4, Build 14694

Resolved issues where the Commands Window will not open if Microsoft Word is not installed
Resolved a rare internal error at launch
Improvements for speed and responsiveness

This update also includes changes from Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6.0.3, Build 14659

Resolved issues editing commands
Resolved issues with custom Microsoft Word commands
Resolved issues with Safari commands
Resolved issues when searching commands
Resolved various UI issues in the Commands Window
You can now say either “Show DragonPad” or “Open DragonPad”
The “Search Google” command is more reliable

This also includes all the fixes from 6.0.1 and 6.0.2. Full release notes with history is here:



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