28 Aug 2019

Some people don't understand the reasons for Strategy Coaching. Sometimes it's as much about raising confidence as actual practical help. Here's some words from a strategy client.

Before having dyslexia awareness in my sessions I only saw the negatives around dyslexia. These strategy sessions have helped me realise my strengths and helped me manage my challenges.

I recently started a new job and attended weeks of meetings discussing an issue regarding generating a report. For weeks I sat in these meetings thinking to myself, but surely the solution is simple, all you need to do is limit the reports to what it is called. The issue was that the report was taking too long to generate, but the information that was being gathered was much more than the report was supposed to. I kept thinking, why aren’t we just getting the information that is required, rather than all this additional information. Doubting myself and low in confidence, I kept thinking they must have already considered this and they would think me silly to ask this question. Following multiple strategy sessions talking about dyslexia gifts and understanding that we often think in different ways to the majority of people in that meeting, I plucked up the courage to ask the question. I was surprised when the majority of people around the table sat with mouths open, saying why did we not think of that, it’s so simple? I resisted saying “because unfortunately, you don’t have a dyslexic brain.”"