16 Jul 2021

It is great when we get lovely feedback from our trainees after they finished the training with us. Over the last few months, we’ve been gathering feedback through a customer satisfaction survey and have now had enough respondents to be able to publish the results.

The majority of respondents received coping strategy training, Dragon training and/or mind mapping software training. A hundred per cent of respondents said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the training and 86% said they would most definitely recommend us to a friend or colleague. This is hugely encouraging for our small team as we strive to offer the best training possible to all of our trainees, being a small team, we are able to give a more personalised and individual experience for each trainee, another indicator of our success in this area is that 90.5% of respondents said that the training was both professional and tailored to their needs, 95% saying it met their needs either very well or extremely well. One hundred per cent said it was relevant and either high or very high-quality training.

We also asked for specific comments on the training, asking how it benefited them in their work life. Here are some of the comments we have received:

“I need the Dragon software due to Carpal Tunnel syndrome. I am not the most technically minded person and it can take me a while to get used to a new system. However, this training was pitched at just the right level. Petra used language I could understand and explained everything very clearly. This training has enabled me to use the Dragon software straightaway with confidence. This has changed my working life as writing and typing had become very difficult and slow due to the pain, aching and weakness in my hands. I can now work more efficiently and effectively than I did before I had the problem with my hands”

“To understand dyslexia, and expectations for self and others and my own coping mechanisms. I found the SWOT analysis was and Goal setting was extremely helpful”

“I have now been able to become more structured and organised”

“Provided me with the knowledge to make full use of the Dragon and Read&Write software in order to write more effective reports and notes in my role as a healthcare professional.”

“I feel with the training delivered to me this has allowed me do my reports faster and more efficiently, the trainer explained everything I needed to know about the software and how effective it is.”

We also asked for comments about what people found the least useful, the majority responded that they found all of it useful, most comments in this area referred to a preference for face-to-face training which of course has not been possible over the last 18 months and difficulties on their side getting the software installed initially which we find is a common problem for many of our trainees. One of the positives of moving our training online has been the ability to split the sessions from three-hour sessions to 90-minute sessions as one respondent commented “Glad the training sessions were broken out into 4x 90-minute sessions. 3 hours is not great. That said, 6 hours of training was too much for me.”

Our final question was asking for any other comments some of which I have added below.

“Petra is clearly a very experienced and competent trainer who can quickly assess the needs of the trainee and then focus on the aspects which will be of most benefit”

“Just to say Great thank you for accommodating preferences and personal needs when organising sessions, materials and equipment! thank you for your professionalism and excellent communication!”

 “I found this training to be extremely beneficial and I think I would have really struggled to get the best out of Dragon without it. It has made me much more confident user and has encouraged me to try out new techniques on my own”

“I found the training to be very valuable with lots of opportunities to ask questions which made it enjoyable and it was a very informative training. This has met more than my expectations both personally and professionally”

I think my favourite comment was this one “Enjoyed working with Petra and she was very useful and sweet!”

Of course, I am not the only trainer, and want to highlight that some of these comments were regarding my colleagues; Geoff, Dave and Chris who all do a wonderful job for our trainees.