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ClaroCapture Mac

“ClaroCapture is very popular with students. They can keep track of everything in 
one place, so they don’t have to remember where they got the information. It helps 
them create more professional looking work."
- David Edwards, Freelance University Assistive Software Trainer

ClaroCapture grabs text, images, screenshots, files, recordings and references and compiles them into one single, handy project file. 
Text can be selected from any computer application, including webpages, PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, databases and then exported to Word or PowerPoint. Screen sections can be captured, audio notes created and highlighted text from Microsoft Word extracted. Perfect as a revision and studying aid, ClaroCapture is an excellent tool for the creation of presentations or research notes.
ClaroCapture projects can be sent to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. They can also be sent to ClaroIdeas, to show a visual layout of the project, if ClaroIdeas is Installed.

ClaroCapture is also available for Microsoft Windows