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New in version 9 (released: 13/05/2014) - Click here to see whats new!

Never used a computer and losing your sight? Dolphin Guide delivers easy to learn, simple-to-use, single button computing for blind or partially sighted users. Designed to ensure that you achieve the desired results quickly with the minimum of know-how, Guide is your partner for simple, easy computing.

As Guide reads everything out aloud, you can never get lost or confused, allowing you to build up confidence in your computing, while giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

Computers don't have to be complicated or scary! Dolphin Guide is simple talking computing for people that are blind or partially sighted and are new to computers. Popular with seniors, Guide is easy to learn and includes everything you'll need to get started. Never get lost or confused! Guide keeps it simple, with step by step choices that guide you through to guaranteed computer success.

Dolphin Guide makes computing simple for people that are blind or partially sighted - talking you through step-by-step so you never get lost or confused. Popular with seniors, Guide is easy to learn and includes all the software you need; no costly extras required. We can even provide you with a Guide email address.

Whether you are learning to type, surfing the internet or listening to the inbuilt help, all of Guide’s voices are reassuringly human. Plus, you can listen as loudly or as slowly as you feel comfortable with.

Who uses Guide?

Guide is ideal for anybody who is blind or partially-sighted, has little or no computer experience and is looking for an easy-to-learn solution, has little or no technical ability, or lacks the motivation or the capability to acquire and retain technical knowledge.

SMA - Software Maintenance Agreement

A free SMA is provided which entitles you to two consecutive upgrades and product support for your software (upgrades are typically issued annually).

Also available as a USB Pen

Dolphin Guide is also available on a USB Pen, a compact portbale USB stick enabling you to use your software on any computer. All of you settings, documents, emails, voices and resources are stored on the Pen, ready to be taken wherever you desire. At work, at home, with friends or just on the move, a Dolphin Pen enables you to move your Guide software from one computer to the next simply and easily. Read more about the Pen and Pen Cover here.

What's available in Guide?

Send and receive email
Keep in much with friends & family, reading, writing & replying to emails is unbelievably easy!

Write letters & documents
Follow clear audio instructions to layout a perfect letter. Guide even warns about misspellings so you can change them.

Play games
Hangman, Kountdown, or Anagram, you’ll soon be hooked.

Listen to the radio & podcasts
Select from hundreds of radio stations. Press one key and you’re listening!

Make calls with Skype
Make & receive free Skype telephone calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world.

Record your voice
Shopping list or a ‘note to self’, Guide’s voice memos allow you  to record & playback your own voice and even email it.

Instant messages
See who is available to ‘talk' and send them free instant messages.

Play DVD's & Music
Films on DVD, music on CD or MP3's; Guide makes watching and listening simple.

Surf the Internet
For fun, for research or simply shopping, Guide makes using the web simple.

People with sight loss can get more from the web with Guide 8's brand new web browser. Guide 8 makes web pages easier to read, while feeling instantly familiar for those already using the web with Guide.

Guide's web support has been completely rewritten from the ground up making Guide 8 the most robust and stable web access ever offered in Guide.

Scan & read your post
Books, bills, bank statements or correspondence, Guide is your personal reader, keeping your private business private!

News as it happens
Use Guide to read current news and affairs from around the world, via RSS, online, direct to email or Talking Newspapers.

Typing Tutor
No need to worry, with 16 keyboard and typing lessons, even total beginners can do it.

Juggling your social life is easy with Guide. Enter appointments, receive reminders, or plan your day, week or month.

Minimum System Requirements:

·    Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

  • Processor - Intel or AMD 1GHz or higher
  • Memory - 1GB of RAM or higher
  • Hard disk - 2GB of free space
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • Internet connection

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