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For ages 4 to 9; Kidspiration develops literacy; numeracy and thinking skills using proven visual learning principles. In literacy; Kidspiration strengthens word recognition; vocabulary; comprehension and written expression.


With visual maths tools; children build reasoning and problem solving skills. Across the curriculum; Kidspiration supports personalised learning; allowing children to express their creativity and thinking with pictures; words and numbers.



·         Heavy emphasis on visual learning to help readers and writers learn to develop and organise their ideas.

·         Picture view provides a graphical way for pupils to represent their ideas using a library of over 3000 symbols.

·         Writing view allows pupils to being the writing process by expanding their visual thoughts.

·         One mouse click transition from Writing View to Picture View and vice versa.

·         SuperGrouper tool allows pupils to interactively group and arrange thoughts and symbols. Also allows creation of VENN diagrams to categorise and sort information.

·         Audio gives pupils the chance to hear their work read aloud, or record their own voice. All buttons, menus and other text are text-to-speech enabled, helping pupils to read and navigate.

·         Symbol maker – create customised symbols with this new drawing tool.

·         Syncronises files with Inspiration for Palm OS.

·         Interactive whiteboard enabled (except on MAC OS Classic).

·         Maths View with 5 visual maths tools develop pupils number sense, spatial reasoning and conceptual understanding of the four basic operations.

·         3000+ symbols offer visual support for concepts taught in the primary curriculum.

·         Symbol Search makes it easy to find the right picture, image or symbol to express thoughts and ideas.

·         Word Guide – a combination dictionary and thesaurus, builds pupils vocabulary and reading comprehension.

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