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Clicker is the award-winning literacy tool that supports children of all ages and abilities in a creative and engaging way. It consists of a primary talking word processor, an integrated word predictor, built-in painting tools, and Clicker Sets which are half screen grids or full screen page activities.

Clicker is used on over half a million school computers and in over 90% of UK primary schools.

 Core Support Features

* Boost writing independence with Clicker Writer
* Word prediction creates flowing pieces of text
* Sounds like word prediction – perfect for struggling spellers
* Text to speech – listen to typed documents
* Painting tool to design your own pictures to compliment writing
* Built-in web cam support allows you to insert photos into text
* Use pictures to encourage children to find the words they want
* Build writing confidence with Clicker Grids
* Clicker Pages – full screen learning activities
* Accessibility – use one or two switches, joysticks, trackballs or eye-control devices for those who cannot use a keyboard to write.


Can I try before I buy?
Unfortunately we are unable to provide demo copies of Clicker 6. Please view the video guides for a comprehensive understanding of this support software.

Video Guides – Click camera to view

 Introduction to Clicker 6 
 Quick Start Guide
 Document Writing
 Click and Edit
 Quick Wizards
 User Preferences

Can I upgrade from other versions?
Yes, a discounted upgrade route is available from Clicker 5. We will require the original licence code which you can find in the Help Menu.

You can upgrade as many computers as you like to Clicker 6, irrespective of how many licenses you currently have for Clicker 5. For example, if you have 5 licenses for Clicker 5, but would like a 30 computer license for Clicker 6, all your licenses can be purchased at the 30 computer upgrade price.


Can I install this on multiple machines?
No, this is one installation per licence. If you require access to Clicker 6 on multiple machines, a multiple user licence copies are available. Alternatively, an all site licence is also available.


Minimum System Requirement
* Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7
* Mac: OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7
* Networks: When you purchase Clicker 6, a network installer is included on your CD, together with full deployment instructions.

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