Communicate: In Print 3


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Communicate: In Print 3
For making symbol-supported printed materials

Communicate: In Print 3 is a desktop publishing program for creating symbol-supported resources for printing.
It is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to make accessible materials for their school, home, business or community.

In Print 3 is supplied with the full Widgit Symbol Set, which has been developed to support access to information.

The symbols, along with the powerful features and freedom of layout of desktop publishing, help to create
materials that have a professional look, whilst being completely accessible.

Ready for anything
In Print allows you to create signs, labels and posters, books and leaflets, flashcards, worksheets and timetables.
A collection of templates and resources enables quick creation of whatever you need.  Whiteboard-friendly and easy to use,
In Print makes it possible for the whole class to collaborate.

New ways to work with tables
In Print’s table features provide great flexibility, allowing you to insert, remove and resize rows and columns
and merge cells. You can even edit a cell to fit the content you’re working with.

Personalise your documents
You can drag and drop photographs onto individual words to personalise their meaning. These images are
automatically stored within the document for use on other machines, making sharing effortless.

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