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The MyKids mini keyboard & mini mouse have been designed specifically for young children and can help them learn to touch type. The keyboard is approximately 80% of the size of a standard adult keyboard and its small keys and spacing allows children to use the correct finger for each key, without having to over-stretch.

Using the MyKids mini keyboard to learn to touch type is equivalent to using a three quarter sized violin when learning to play that instrument. When children use a MyKids keyboard they don't struggle when typing. This means that using a computer becomes a more pleasurable experience.

The MyKids mini keyboard comes complete with a mini mouse, so children have greater control over the cursor too!

The MyKids mini keyboard and mini mouse both come with a USB connector and a USB to PS2 converter as standard. By using the MyKids keyboard in a USB port and an adult keyboard in the PS/2 port, both keyboards are functional at the same time. Absolutely perfect for when a child and an adult have to share the same computer!

Available in Green, Yellow or Black and Silver - please choose your colour below.

Optional Extra:

Stickers, designed specifically for the MyKids keyboard, with lower case letters, are now available.

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