Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard



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The Goldtouch is an ergonomically engineered split adjustable keyboard to help reduce the risks and effects of RSI. Its two alpha numeric sections may be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.


This ergonomic keyboard helps you to assume a more natural posture that improves both comfort and productivity. It has a range of 0° to 30° on both the horizontal and vertical planes, and is continuously variable between these two angles.


This means it can be minutely adjusted to allow for individual wrist splay and pronation. Adjustment is easily achieved using a locking ball and socket latch mechanism.


Choose the Goldtouch Keyboard if you touch type at 35 words per minute or more. If you type at speeds of more than 70 words per minute, the Goldtouch is absolutely essential to prevent undue stress on the fingers and wrists. The keyboard is USB and PS2 compatible.




·         Range of 0º - 30º on horizontal and vertical plane

·         USB & PS/2 Compatible

·         Available in Black 

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