Maltron L89 USB Ergonomic Keyboard



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Specifically designed for existing Maltron users, this keyboard maintains as closely as possible the classic flat keyboard layout for existing Qwerty users who wish to remain with the Qwerty letter layout. The L89 incorporates a native USB controller for use with both PC and Apple computers.                                 

An optional trackball (L89 & L90 models) in the palm rest area of the central number pad is also available. In this position the ball may be easily moved by the thumb with the fingers cupped and the hand resting over the key thumb group. The top of the ball is slightly below the palm rest surface so that it does not interfere with normal keyboard use.

The central location of the trackball enables either thumb to be used with the wrist kept straight and the hand tilted outwards in a comfortable position.

Action Buttons for the trackball are positioned so that they are operated by the other hand. The placing of the buttons allows the hand to rest in a relaxed state but ready for use. This arrangement ensures that the accurate and careful positioning of the ball is not disturbed when operating an action button.


  • Two key groups for letters with a central number group keep wrists straight and strain free.
  • Redefined thumb groups with double height key for spaces now also have double height keys for return and tab.
  • Central numbers suit both left & right handed users.
  • The letter keys are angled inwards to match natural finger movements and the keys for the longer fingers are recessed further to reduce finger "cramping" and provide a more relaxed hand posture.
  • Large palm pads give a comfortable resting and relaxing zone for hands and arms during “thinking time”, to encourage blood flow and recovery.
  • Four separate layout (2 x PC and 2 x Apple) key code lookup tables return correct key codes for PC and Apple specific functions.

General Notes:

[space] keys are annotated in above and PDF diagrams to clearly show their positions, however these keys are normally blank (as per standard convention) on the actual keyboard.

Key-tops are normally laser engraved with the dominant keyboard layout (shown in black). All engraving will be black on the grey key-tops as per picture at top of page.

Dual layout laser engraved key-tops which also include the secondary keyboard layout (shown in green) can be supplied as a special order.

Both the Maltron and the Qwerty layouts are always available irrespective of the key-top engraving, and are selected by a switch on the underside of the keyboard.

Both PC and Apple Mac usage options are also always available and this is selected by a mode switch on the underside of the keyboard.

Multi-Media key functions accessible to the user are dependent on computer program function and operating system.



  • Size (mm): 430 x 220 x 100
  • Weight: 0.9kg (without trackball) 1kg (with trackball) 
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Compatibility: PC & MAC

Please note that this product is made to order and can take up to 14 days to manufacture from date of order. Because of the specialist nature of this product we will call you to confirm the details of your order before going to manufacture. Delivery price is based on one unit for UK mainland only.

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