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Your Words. Your Ideas. Any Time, Anywhere.

Smartpens Remember So You Don’t Have To
Record everything you write and hear. Tap anywhere on your notes to replay the audio from that moment in time.

From Paper, Directly To Your Digital World
Automatically, your recorded notes and audio are wirelessly sent and securely stored in your Evernote® account. Your exclusive Livescribe plan for Evernote includes 500MB of additional upload capacity for smartpen notes and audio.

Any Time, Anywhere Access To Your Notes
Using Evernote, quickly search and share your lectures, meetings and ideas any time on nearly any device. Simply tap on your notes in Evernote and interactive versions of your pencasts play back within Livescribe Player.

Your Notes in Evernote®
Evernote securely stores all of your words, ideas, diagrams and audio recordings created with the Livescribe™ wifi smartpen. Through your Evernote account, your information is synced across all the devices you use, so you always have the latest updates at your fingertips.

Evernote Benefits:

Once your notes are in Evernote, you can add tags to better organize how your information is stored and searched.

You can search your handwritten notes created with the Livescribe wifi smartpen, text in documents and files, as well as any tags you’ve added to your notes for personal organization. This makes finding the needle in the haystack that much easier.

Evernote has apps for Windows®, Mac®, iOS®, Android™, Blackberry® and more, which means you always have access to your information whether at your computer, in the library or on the go.

Multiple file types
Evernote allows you to store your pencasts (notes and audio recorded with a Livescribe wifi smartpen) alongside emails, documents, web pages, photos, videos and more. So now every important file for a project, trip or homework assignment can be stored in one central place, making it even easier for you to find what you need, when you need it.

What your exclusive Livescribe plan for Evernote Offers
Every Livescribe wifi smartpen includes the exclusive Livescribe plan for Evernote which gives you 500MB of additional upload capacity for smartpen notes and audio (up to 70 hours of recorded audio each month, depending on the audio quality setting).

  • The ergonomic design and soft touch grip provide comfort while writing.
  • Holds approximately 200, 400, or 800 hours of recorded audio (available in 2GB, 4GB or 8GB models).
  • Capture your meetings or lectures with crisp, clear sound.
  • Your notes and audio are wirelessly sent to your personal Evernote® account.
  • Recharge you smartpen using a standard micro-USB cable.
  • Simply remove the ink cartridge by pulling it out with your fingertips. Insert a new cartridge until it clicks into place.
  • Built-in speaker produces rich, full sound to play back your recorded audio.
  • Bright, high-contrast OLED display for easy viewing.
  • Standard 3.5mm jack fits your own earphones or the Livescribe 3-D Recording Headset with dual microphones to enable binaural recording.
The 8Gb version of the Livescribe Wi-Fi smartpen includes a one year subscription to Evernote Premium service (normally £4.00 per month or £35.00 per year) and a Smartpen Portfolio case. If you are considering the 4Gb Smartpen, you may wish to consider the 8Gb version as there is only a small increase in cost.

Evernote premium offers the extra features below over the normal free subscription:

Evernote Premium Features:

Offline notebooks
Access your notes fast whenever you need them on your mobile device, even without a network connection. Great for travel.

Work better together
Allow your friends and colleagues to edit notes you share with them, and see Note History for past versions of notes.

Peace of mind
Passcode Lock adds a layer of protection on mobile devices. If you need help, then fast, Priority Support is a chat window away.

More in. More out.
Keep more notes, more photos, more files...more of everything. Get 1GB of monthly upload capacity and an increased max note size of 100MB.

Smarter searching
Search inside PDFs and attached documents, find text in images faster and rediscover your content with the powerful Related Notes feature.

Present your notes
Let people into your thinking process by presenting your notes in a beautiful, full-screen layout with one click. Currently on Mac.


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