Mindview Workplace AT Suite 3 Year Subscription - Single User


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Introducing the MindView Workplace AT Suite 3 Year Subscription
We are excited to share with you that MindView is improving it’s offering for Workplace Adjustments. In development for the past 3 years, this is a new mind mapping platform that enhances the user experience of working with MindView.
More Than 5 Million People Use MindView.  This platform has been created following user feedback. The subscription ensures that users will have the latest version of the software, compatible with the development of browsers, operating systems, and other third party software. Users will be able to access the software on any device with no limitations on installation. 
The MindView Workplace AT Suite 3 Year Subscription includes: 

  • MindView Windows & MindView Mac  
  • MindView Online
  • Access to the MindView Drive
  • Upgrades to latest MindView apps

The Subscription will include new items: MindView 8 Windows, and the MindView Drive - which allows users to save, share and collaborate on documents in the cloud. This new solution will enable users to work on the same document in real time when working both from home or the office.

Brainstorm and Present with MindView
Improve your meetings by utilizing the Mind Mapping technique. Use Mind Maps to easily capture ideas and concepts, attach unlimited number of documents, link to SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Go beyond PowerPoint presentations by illustrating concepts and strategies using mind maps. Mind Maps make ideas easier to understand and overview for both clients and colleagues.

Convert Your Mind Map To Other Documents
You can add pictures, videos, take notes or add links to SharePoint, OneDrive and Google Drive to your Mind Map and everything will be included in your export.

Export to Word and use our professional, customizable, and ready-to-use templates to produce fully formatted Word documents. Documents exported from MindView are complete with table of contents, page numbers, headers, footers and more. Include citations and a bibliography in the desired academic format when writing an Essay. The quality speaks for itself.

Alternatively, you can turn your mind map into a beautiful presentation directly from MindView by exporting to PowerPoint using customizable templates. With just a mouse click.

  • Export to Word
  • Export to PowerPoint
  • Export to Excel


Using Mind Mapping for Project Management
According to a study from the MindMappingSoftwareBlog.com, 75% of mind mapping users are using mind maps for project management at all levels. Whether you are looking to create a simple “to do list”, a project timeline, a Work Breakdown Structure, or a Gantt Chart, MindView has got you covered.


Team Collaboration with MindView Drive
MindView Drive allows you to store files in the cloud, share files and collaborate in real time on files.

Whether you're working remotely on a project or a student that needs to continue working on files from home, MindView Drive has you covered.

Store and access your files anywhere

  • Share documents
  • Real-Time Multi-User Editing
  • Control User Access
  • Cloud Mind Mapping with Team Collaboration

Popular Mind Mapping Features:

Have you ever had issues with overviewing and handling big mind maps? How about overviewing multiple projects?

MindView can create sub-maps by “detaching” branches and their sub-branches in different tabs, similar to the sheets of an Excel workbook. The main tab will still illustrate the entire mind map making it the master tab.

Calculation and Data
Let’s keep it simple. Basically, we built a mini version of Excel in MindView. You can add numbers and equations on branches and roll-up data to the root. Export to Excel to impress your accounting department or visualize your yearly budget on a mind map.

Cloud Integration
Is your team collaborating in MS SharePoint, MS OneDrive or Google Drive? MindView integrates with those cloud services and allows you to save and hyperlink directly from your mind map.

Capture Tool
When gathering research information to your mind map you can use the Capture tool to “snip” text and images from websites and documents. The capture tool will even cite the source and transfer that information to your bibliography.

Conditional Formatting
Do you wake up late? Do you have overdue tasks? You’re not alone…

With MindView conditional formatting you can have your alarm go off before your boss figures out your tasks are overdue. You know, if it’s this then that. You’re welcome.

Project Reports
Having problem communicating your project plan to stakeholders? Need a better overview of your project plan? MindView’s Project Reports has all kinds of reports from resource management, task management, and baselining reports.

It is now possible to use the Dictate feature within MindView to dictate text into either branch or text notes. Simply go through the “Speech Recognition” in Windows to optimize your speaking and start “sweet talking” MindView…

All versions of MindView include different views, powerful mind mapping features and award winning MS Office integration. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced mind mapper or a project manager, there is a MindView solution to meet your needs.