Assistive technology training can take place in a one-to-one situation, in a group, or via remote access and in a wide variety of locations including school, workplace, home or at our training facility in Stafford. Our enhanced DBS certified trainers have extensive experience of successfully training students, staff members and end users to make better use of their assistive technology solution.

All at highly competitive rates, costing less than you'd think.

Our trainers are experienced, professional and friendly and always respect individual learning needs, physical requirements and cultural preferences, while appointments are always arranged to fit in with your schedule.

of training in assistive software applications and products such as:


Mind-manager software.

Visual impairment software

Inspiration Mind Mapping.

TextHelp Read&Write.


Dolphin Supernova. 

Dolphin Guide.

Dragon Naturally Speaking.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking has much more potential than the standard list of commands provided within the boxed menu guide.

Using our expert trainers, we can assist you in making the most of Dragon's benefits by showing you how to create your own scripting source codes.

These can be done for Java, Eclipse & Citrix servers and more.

Dragon, Inspiration and TextHelp Read&Write are commonly used to support dyslexia and as such our trainers often encounter them during dyslexia training sessions.

So why not try Enabling Technology for your next assistive technology training requirement? Remember, our pricing is very competitive and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effective our training can be in maximising the benefit of an assistive technology solution.

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Chaotic workplaceNeurological differences, be they lifelong (Dyslexia, ADHD, ASC) or related to medical conditions (Fibromyalgia or CF),can lead to impaired executive function. This can affect things like working memory, processing speed and sequencing. These can consequently affect efficient working practice and time management.

Although assistive technology can aid these areas in some way, additional strategies are often also needed. Therefore, Access to Work (ATW) often advises that employees with these kinds of conditions take advantage of Coping Strategy Training the cost of which is generally 100% reclaimable.

The ATW assessor will recommend a certain number of sessions before which we will contact the employee for some information about their individual challenges and job role and, preferably agreed with their line manager, priorities for change. At the first session, the trainer will go into more depth with the individual about where they feel they already have some strategies and where improvement needs to be made. There will also be a discussion about their history of living with the condition and, if needed, awareness is given of the specific condition, including the gifts associated.

Our trainer will then work with the client through the areas identified to improve existing strategies and develop new ones along with the client. There will be gaps between sessions to allow the employee to implement the strategies so they can be evaluated and adapted if needed in subsequent sessions.

Please contact us for more information and prices.

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Our Introduction to Neurodiversity session is a 60min presentation which aims to raise a general understanding of what neurodiversity is, covering Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Dyslexia and other “Dys” conditions and ADHD. It will also aim to explain what the benefits are of employing people with neurodiversity in the workplace and practical steps to minimise the difficulties these people may find in a modern work environment.

As the Introduction to Neurodiversity session is very brief, we also recommend more specific in-depth training for teams and managers working with people with specific types of Neurodiversity. Therefore, we offer the following:

Dyslexia Awareness for Managers and Colleagues

This 2-hour session (can be adjusted if required) aims to provide the team with a more complete understanding of Dyslexia, dispelling some of the myths and adding to existing knowledge. Our interactive session includes information on the gifts associated with dyslexia, activities and multi-media presentations to gain an understanding of what it is like to be dyslexic and simple cost-effective strategies for bringing out the best in your dyslexic employee.