Awareness Training

Neurodiversity Awareness Training

Our Introduction to Neurodiversity session is a 60min presentation which aims to raise a general understanding of what neurodiversity is, covering Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Dyslexia and other “Dys” conditions and ADHD. It will also aim to explain what the benefits are of employing people with neurodiversity in the workplace and practical steps to minimise the difficulties these people may find in a modern work environment.

As the Introduction to Neurodiversity session is very brief, we also recommend more specific in-depth training for teams and managers working with people with specific types of Neurodiversity. Therefore, we offer the following:



Dyslexia Awareness for Managers and Colleagues

This 2-hour session (can be adjusted if required) aims to provide the team with a more complete understanding of Dyslexia, dispelling some of the myths and adding to existing knowledge. Our interactive session includes information on the gifts associated with dyslexia, activities and multi-media presentations to gain an understanding of what it is like to be dyslexic and simple cost-effective strategies for bringing out the best in your dyslexic employee.

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