Coping Strategy Coaching

Coping Strategy Training (Workplace Coaching)

Neurological differences, be they lifelong (Dyslexia, ADHD, ASC) or related to medical conditions (Fibromyalgia or CF),can lead to impaired executive function. This can affect things like working memory, processing speed and sequencing, consequently affecting efficient working practice and time management.

Although assistive technology can aid these areas in some ways, additional strategies are often also needed. Therefore, Access to Work (ATW) often advises that employees with these kinds of conditions take advantage of Coping Strategy Training the cost of which is generally 100% reclaimable.


The ATW assessor will recommend a certain number of sessions, before which we will contact the employee for some information about their individual challenges and job role and, preferably agreed with their line manager, priorities for change. At the first session, the trainer will go into more depth with the individual about where they feel they already have some strategies and where improvement needs to be made. There will also be a discussion about their history of living with the condition and, if needed, awareness is given of the specific condition, including the positive traits associated.

Our trainer will then work with the client through the areas identified to improve existing strategies and develop new ones. There will be gaps between sessions to allow the employee to implement the strategies so they can be evaluated and adapted if needed in subsequent sessions.

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