NEW WEBINAR: Returning to work with Long Covid? APRIL 12th 7pm - Click here to find out more.




We are pleased to be able to host webinars on a number of topics, keep an eye on this page for information on what is coming up. 

We are starting with a webinar for people who are returning to work with Long Covid. We know that many of these people, being newly disabled, are not aware of their rights under the Equalities Act. The Webinar will inform you of your rights, the support available and some strategies to get you started. 

 Long Covid - Return to Work?

Do you have clients, customers, or colleagues who are? Enabling Technology is running a webinar on April 12th at 7 pm where we will be looking at the rights of people with long covid under the Equalities Act and the support that is available as well as some coping strategies to help them get through the first few weeks until they get the support put in place.Buy tickets