We have had the privilege of supporting many people to become more effective in the workplace over many years, helping them to overcome some of the challenges they have faced as a result of disability and building their confidence in their own abilities. Here are a few of the comments we have received back from them. 


I need the Dragon software due to Carpal Tunnel syndrome. I am not the most technically minded person and it can take me a while to get used to a new system. However, this training was pitched at just the right level. Petra used language I could understand and explained everything very clearly. This training has enabled me to use the Dragon software straightaway with confidence. This has changed my working life as writing and typing had become very difficult and slow due to the pain, aching and weakness in my hands. I can now work more efficiently and effectively than I did before I had the problem with my hands. - HR - 2021


To understand dyslexia, and expectations for self and others and my own coping mechanisms. I found the SWOT analysis was and Goal setting was extremely helpful - AN - 2021


I found the training to be very valuable with lots of opportunities to ask questions which made it enjoyable and it was a very informative training. This has met more than my expectations both personally and professionally. Anon - 2021 


The trainer was polite, knowledgeable and delivered the training at a good pace. - TM - 2019


I am so used to thinking of my dyslexia as a negative part of me it was difficult at first to see it in a different way ... discovering all the positive skills and abilities I have that I may not have if I didn't have dyslexia I'm changing my way of thinking. - Police Officer - 2019 
Pomodoro technique is starting to bear fruits for me in terms of setting a goal and then working to it. I will select a task to do,  isolate myself in a room for no distraction and work on that. Initially, I would get distracted by other tasks but now I have noticed that I become more focused and tend to see the task through and sometimes surpassed the time allocated to the task in the Pomodoro.  My big problem is procrastination and tools that have been given to assist me to work on this impediment, the tool above in part will support me with procrastination and now that this is work in progress but I feel as though I’m going in the right direction.
Above all  Dave has been amazing demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and patience in working with me and help identify my strengths and weakness that are associated with my form of dyslexia which has been a great insight for me. I commend Dave and work he had undertaken for me which I will be indebted for. - MF - 2019


Before they commenced, I was skeptical that there would be any benefit from these sessions. I must wholeheartedly go back on that as I have subsequently found that they were actually immensely useful.

Our sessions gave me the opportunity to reflect on my working practices and hurdles which have been accumulated over a lifetime of ignorance of an undiagnosed disability that has caused me to struggle for many years with poor organisation and feelings of inadequacy.

I am really happy to have had the opportunity to be able to develop a broad range of new skills and tips with your help. Whilst I am not professing to have become the most accomplished and organised person in my organisation, I am certainly in a position to be more productive and in control of my working day.

I have also been able to take away some of the benefits of our work and have shared some elements of it with colleagues who have also now been able to take a different approach to some part of their own tasks.

I am very grateful for your patient, professional and good-humored approach and it made the whole experience one that I valued. - Greg 2019


I feel that the sessions I have received from Enabling Technology, have helped me to grow in confidence, gain a better understanding of Dyslexia and become a more productive worker.  This is due to the techniques and strategies they have taught me and the resources they have given me, along with their expert tuition. - LM - April 2018


I found the training really useful and applicable to my day-to-day working career. I found Dave to be really approachable and very responsive to my learning needs to ensure that I could get the most out of the training, without being bogged down with computers.


I particularly found the training useful around reading, concentration and time management. I still use the pomodoro technique now! - PS - 2017 (Probation Officer) 


My experience of dyslexia support was very positive because it gave me the tools and enabled me to organise my work better than before the training. Petra was an excellent mentor and teacher. Her personal experience of dyslexia made me feel at ease as a disabled worker. She was empathetic of all the barriers I face as a disabled worker. She did not make me feel uncomfortable or judge me for getting things wrong. In fact she was aware of the areas I lacked confidence in and would recall and share her experiences to make you feel at ease.


I would highly recommend Petra as a teacher in this area as she has definitely got the skills and knowledge to work with dyslexic workers.  - Social Worker - 2017