Kara Tointon
Kara Tointon - 'Don't Call Me Stupid'
A brilliant and informative BBC documentary on dyslexia.

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Dysbooks aims to help dyslexics connect with literacy. It is partly a book review and discussion website that fosters an environment where people are not judged based on their spelling or grammar. It also produces information on writing and dyslexic authors to act as an inspiration to other dyslexics, and those supporting them.

DYSPLA - the new word for dyslexic storymakers, the word that stands up for the untold stories you are yet to write and develops the stories you have written, - DYSPLA - the word that encourages you to dream, turning one script at a time into a new culture shifting conversation that changes lives. Putting dyslexics and their work into the public sphere; proving that if you can write it we can make it. Making you the contender!

Rebelling Against Spelling Press RASP logo
Rebelling Against Spelling Press (RASP) was founded in 2007 to make books by dyslexics rather than about them.
Since our formation in 2007, we have collaborated with dyslexic editors, writers, poets, performers and critics to explore and examine the relationship between dyslexia and authorship.
Through literature we hope to promote an awareness of dyslexia as a difference.


Sensory World - An interactive house and garden VLE including dangers in the kitchen awareness, food prepartion, weekly budget, healthy eating guide and sensory room. An enjoyable, highly visual and fun way to interact and learn for people with learning difficulties.

The Lingo Show - An enjoyable, interactive and vibrant website about modern languages aimed specifically for young learners. Learn numbers, colours, clothes and more in French, Mandarin, Polish, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Urdu and Welsh (more languages expected soon)!

BBC Ouch! - Disability news, reports, blogs and community links.

BBC WebWise - A beginner's guide to using the internet and computers

Deaf Connexions - Access to BSL signing, community links and deafblind services in the Norfolk Area

textHELP vs ClaroRead vs Kurzweil 300 - Similarties and differences between these literacy support software explained!

Leek Dyslexia & Literacy Support - One to one tuition, assessment and awareness training. Formed as a result of demand for a service for the community. An early provision was established offering a parent support group, to concerned parents. This has now developed to offer a full dyslexia support service.

Dragon Videos - Ask the Dictator - Peter "the Dictator" of Nuance has a series of youTube videos guiding you through vaiours features and practicalities of Dragon dictation software!

Dyslexia Association of Staffordshire (DAS) - Established over 25 years ago, DAS has a team of qualified dyslexic tutors and support staff to help people achieve their potential.

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Royal National Institute of Blind People - Advice and support for visually imapired individuals. Good tips on how to live with sight loss.