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The Wizcom Exam Pen has been approved by The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)* for use in exams.
This means students who have reading difficulties such as dyslexia can independently take exams knowing
that they can read and understand the questions.

  • Instantly displays scanned words on the screen
  • Instantly says the word or line of text aloud
  • Headphones provide discreet audio to the student, whilst not disturbing other students
  • No dictionary or storage function
  • Students using the ExamPen can be housed in the main exam hall as they are not disturbing other students 
  • No need to book human readers to assist students, the ExamPen is ready to go as soon as the exam starts 
  • Battery operated so unlike a computer reader there are no cables running across the exam hall 
  • Due to it's size it is easy to store in a secure place and transport between exam halls 
  • The ExamPen is brightly coloured in orange and clearly states “ExamPen” on the screen making it obvious to invigilators that this is an approved device  
  • The ability toread independently gives the student a sense of confidence.

*JCQ Statement:
“The arrangement ‘Read Aloud’ would also include the use of an examination reading pen.
A permitted examination reading pen will not have an in-built dictionary or thesaurus, or a data storage facility.
An approved application for a computer reader would also allow the use of an examination reading pen.”

Class Pack:
This is 10 pens and 10 headsets all in a smart attache case. This brief case is designed for easy storage and safety when transporting around the school premises.

Box content:
  • ExamPen
  • Protective carrying case 
  • Earphones
  • User Manual
  • 2 AAA 1.5V batteries
  • Clip-on scanning trainer

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