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Create and communicate more effectively with Spark Professional

For visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations, Spark Professional is the best planning and productivity tool. Brainstorm ideas, structure your thoughts and visually communicate concepts with the map and document views.

Take notes, plan work, structure writing, and prioritise and organise information for projects, papers and reports using the integrated split screen view. Use the presentation mode to transform the content of your idea maps and documents into polished presentations that professionally and clearly communicate your ideas.

With Spark Professional it is easy to create idea maps that promote creative thinking and help you organise, analyse, evaluate and present information. Use Spark Professional to develop:

• Block diagrams

• Concept maps

• Data flow diagrams

• Flowcharts

• Idea maps

• Knowledge maps

• Meeting notes

• Multimedia planning

• Notes

• Organisational charts

• Outlines

• Plans

• Process flow diagrams

• Presentations

• Reports and proposals

• Speeches

Visualise & Develop Ideas with Diagrams and Maps

See your ideas more creatively and present them with more clarity. Use Spark Professional map views to facilitate brainstorming, clarify ideas, collect and communicate information, analyse problems, and resolve both simple and complex issues.

In Map View:

  • Brainstorm and capture ideas quickly.
  • Use symbols to represent your ideas visually - choose from over 2000 in the image library, make your own symbols with the built-in drawing tool, or import image files from your computer or the web.
  • Create the document structure by linking ideas. The structure is created by simple clock-wise ordering starting from the central idea.
  • Attach text to the ideas using the built-in text editor, the text is automatically inserted in the text document underneath the idea title.
  • Add text to links to explain relationships.
  • Differentiate ideas with colours, shapes, patterns, shadows, fonts and styles.
  • Check spelling to finish the document ready for printing.
  • Get a unique perspective on your map with our 3D view/rotate function.
  • Do it all within Spark Professional.
  • Expand your mind map’s central idea by adding new topic and subtopic branches.
  • Re-arrange and connect ideas easily by dragging branches into place.

Plan & Organise Written Work in the Integrated Word Processor and Unique Split-screen View

With one click, your Spark Professional diagram or idea map becomes a document using our unique split screen viewer, where you can easily expand and organise your ideas. Add, re-arrange and structure your document by clicking on the idea in the map. You can also navigate the document quickly by clicking on the idea to see that part of the document in the text window. Spark Professional is great for producing organised reports, proposals and other pieces of writing.

In Text View

  • See the final document.
  • Use the table of contents to jump to any selection with one click.
  • Print or transfer the document into Microsoft Word.

Communicate & Present Knowledge with the built-in Presenter

Present your work with the built-in presentation mode. Use the content you have developed and create successful presentations. Spark Professional provides all the tools to create organised, polished, formal presentations that convey your ideas clearly.

  • Use the Split Screen in your presentation to give your audience an overview and keep them interested.
  • Use the unique 3D rotation feature to animate moving from slide to slide.
  • Adjust the presentation parameters to tailor the presentation to your needs.

The images below show various views of the map- of course, using the 3D feature in the actual program is dynamic and gives a unique prespective on your work.

Enhance & Improve Your Projects with Additional Spark Professional Capabilities:

  • Use templates to jump-start projects. Choose from built-in templates or create your own for future work.
  • Use hyperlinks to access resources from the Internet or to attach other documents when you want to collect project documents and source materials in one place.
  • Use drag & drop, copy & paste, to insert graphic, video or sound into your Spark Professional documents.
  • Visually plan a web site in Spark Professional and then use the web upload wizard to create the initial site structure. Each idea becomes a separate web page. You can even show split screen views on your web site.
  • Get started using Spark Professional quickly with the built-in help system and animated demo accessed from the Help menu.

Spark Professional Animations

Click on the following links to show animated demonstrations of Spark Professional:

Spark Professional Download Instructions

Download Spark Professional for WindowsDownload Spark Professional for Mac OS

30 Day Trial Instructions

Simply download the program and install it. When you run it for the first time you will be prompted for a licence key and this is where you can choose the 30 day trial.

System Requirements for the Microsoft Windows Version:

1 GHz Intel Pentium or compatible processor, Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 operating system, 1 GB of RAM, 60 MB of free hard disk space (more if spelling dictionaries for multiple languages are required (approx. 20 MB per language)), colour video card and monitor with 800x600 resolution.

System Requirements for the Apple Macintosh Version:

1GHz MHz PowerPC or Intel processor, Apple MacOSX 10.4 or higher, 1 GB of RAM, 60 MB of free hard disk space (more if spelling dictionaries for multiple languages are required (approx. 20 MB per language)), colour screen with 800x600 resolution.

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