Spellex Dictation Gold: BioScientific


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Spellex Dictation: BioScientific offers the most comprehensive bioscientific solution for your dictation software (e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking). This edition offers an affordable solution for students and professionals to enhance your dictation software with the correct spelling for thousands of bioscientific words. Never struggle again with your dictation software transcribing incorrect bioscientific terms!

This product includes Spellex Dictation and Spellex Spell Checker for Office. Spellex Dictation is an add-on to speech recognition programs such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. It provides an enhanced speech recognition vocabulary that will detect thousands of bioscientific terms and is a cost-effective way of enhancing a non-specialist version of Dragon Naturally Speaking to include the correct spelling for thousands of bioscientific words. The spell-checker element of the product links into Microsoft Office and extends the built-in dictionary to include the bio-science terms. This product is ideal not only for dyslexics, but also anyone struggling to use a non-specialist version of Dragon Naturally Speaking in this specialist subject.

  • UK English version
  • Covers more than 35 different bioscience fields including agronomy, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, ecology molecular and genetic biology, microbiology, organic chemistry, taxonomy, toxicology, and pharmacology, to name a few.
  • Includes terms from astronomy, anatomy, acoustics, architecture, biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, communications, computer science, ecology, electronics, engineering, geology, hydrology, industrial engineering, mapping, mathematics, mechanical engineering, mineralogy, physics, physiology, science and technology, statistics, thermodynamics, virology, zoology, and many more.

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