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A new concept in reading, view the video guidehere!


For anyone experiencing sight loss including those with Macular Degeneration

Rediscover the joys of reading anytime and anywhere with the award-winning Optelec ClearReader+ and ClearReader+ Basic, combining fast text-to-speech, a choice of high quality naturally sounding voices, and all in an attractive portable design.

Simply switch-on, scan your printed reading material and start listening in an instant.

Designed for everyday living
Imagine being able to listen to any kind of printed material within a matter of seconds, and all at the press of a button.  With the Optelec ClearReader+and ClearReader+ Basic accessing printed documents such as magazines, newspapers, books or a letter from a friend has never been easier.

Use anytime, anywhere
The Optelec ClearReader+ is portable and battery powered and can be used around the home, on holiday, at school or at work, making it ideal for reading a recipe in the kitchen, a book in the library, today's newspaper in the garden or reviewing bills.

The Optelec ClearReader+ Basic offers all the benefits of the ClearReader+ without the facility of on-board rechargeable batteries.

Optelec ClearReader+

The Optelec ClearReader+ is easily adjusted to playback at a more comfortable reading speed and volume.  You can even connect a separate set of headphones and listen discretely.

ClearReader+ key benefits:

  • Click and begin listening in a few seconds
  • Intuitive operation - simple  adjustment controls for play, pause, forward, back, reading speed and voice selection
  • Compact, portable and easy to carry with a built-in carrying handle
  • Modern, stylish look
  • Built-in high quality stereo sound speakers
  • Integrated object lighting for reading in places with poor external lighting
  • High quality text recognition - select up to 4 voices including UK-English voices (Daniel and Serena) and an Indian-English voice (Sangeeta)
  • Headphone connector - connect a headset and listen discretely
  • Use from mains power
  • Rechargeable Li-ion batteries providing up to 5 hours continuous use (not included with the Optelec ClearReader+ Basic)
  • Automatically recognises columns

The Optelec ClearReader+ supports 29 supported languages and 42 different voices.  You can choose up to 4 voices from the following list:
  • English (British accent):  Daniel (Male) and Serena (Female)
  • English (Irish accent)
  • English (Indian accent):  Sangeeta (Female)
  • English (American accent):  Jill (Female), Samantha (Female) and Tom (Male)
  • English (Australian accent):  Karen (Female) and Lee (Male)
  • English (South African accent)
  • German:  Steffi (Female) and Yannick (Male)
  • Dutch: Claire (Female)
  • Dutch (Belgian): Ellen (Female)
  • French: Sebastien (Male)
  • French (Canadian): Julie (Female)
  • Danish: Ida (Female)
  • Norwegian: Stine (Female)
  • Swedish: Alva (Female)
  • Finnish: Mikko (Male)
  • Russian: Katerina (Female)
  • Polish: Agata (Female)
  • Italian: Silvia (Female)
  • Spanish (Castilian): Monica (Female)
  • Spanish (Americas): Paulina (Female)
  • Turkish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Catalan
  • Czech
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Slovak

ClearReader+ Specification:
  • High quality document capture facility, using a camera with state of the art optics and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
  • Dimensions: 23 x 24 x 10 cm / 9.1 x 9.4 x 3.9 inches.
  • Weight:
    • 2.46 kg / 5.4 lbs (ClearReader+)
    • 2.26 kg / 4.97 lbs (ClearReader+ Basic)

Add an optional Feature Pack

Whether you are blind or experience partial sight loss, expand the functionality of the Optelec ClearReader+ or ClearReader+ Basic by connecting an optional Feature Pack.

Save and retrieve documents
With the small SD memory card pre-installed and the navigation control panel connected, you have the freedom to scan and save printed books and magazines for reference at your convenience.
  • Simple, easily recognisable tactile handheld controls at your fingertips
  • Intuitive voice-only menus
  • Archive single and multiple page documents to the SD memory card
  • Expandable USB memory (available separately)
Optelec ClearReader+ connected to an optional Feature Pack and a separate screen

Connect the Optelec ClearReader+ or ClearReader+ Basic to a separate screen and simultaneously listen to and view documents 'in-sync' as they are read aloud and displayed in an easily recognisable high contrast typeface, as if it were in large print.  You can even use the magnification feature to enlarge handwritten notes and photographs.
  • Connect to a separate monitor or an Optelec ClearView+ (both available separately) and benefit from magnification up to 16 times the original scan size
  • Listen to and enlarge printed documents as they are read aloud 'in-sync'.  View in:
    • Arial or Verdana typeface
    • Positive reading mode - black text on a white background
    • Negative reading mode - white text on a black background
    • 12 selectable enhanced contrast foreground and background semi-colour combinations
    • Column and line view - words are highlighted by block or box (see image right)
  • View enlarged handwritten notes and photographs as if they were in large print
  • Customizable menus (basic and advanced users)

Scanned images are automatically rotated for easier reading
If you prefer to read and scroll through content using the photo-mode, the ClearReader+ automtically adjusts the original scanned document so that text appears in the correct horizontal orientation regardless of how the original document was scanned.
High resolution full screen monitor support 
The ClearReader+ will automatically detect the resolution of the connected monitor and automatically scale the image to full screen, hereby eliminating black bars at the left, right, top and bottom of the screen. The maximum resolution supported is HD resolution, 1920x1080 pixels.

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