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ZoomText ImageReader is a software and camera solution that operates in conjunction with a computer or laptop. It makes printed text accessible to people who are visually impaired, including books, magazines business documents and more.  Put a printed item underneath the included document camera, snap a picture, and a few seconds later the text appears in large, high-contrast fonts and is read aloud in natural-sounding voices.

In addition to printed text, ImageReader can also capture and read text from image files, the Windows Clipboard or right off your computer screen; perfect for reading graphical text from electronic documents and webpages.

ImageReader is available in two capture size options: A4 and A3.

Please note that the cameras are available separately, but only to registered users of ZoomText software. We will require proof of ZoomText ownership for camera-only purchases. If you wish to purchase a camera separately, please call us on 01785 243111 either before or after placing an order here - thank you. 


  • Fast capture and OCR processing
    ImageReader uses a high resolution document and ABBYY OCR software to quickly and accurately capture text from all types of printed and electronic materials.
  • Captures and reads in two simple steps
    Capturing and reading is performed in two simple steps.  Just place your document or other printed item underneath the camera and press the capture command.  Capturing images from files, the clipboard or the computer screen is just as easy.
  • Automatic reading of captured text
    Enable ImageReader’s AutoRead feature and each time a new item is captured, ImageReader will automatically start reading.
  • Displays captured text in your choice of fonts and colors
    ImageReader’s Text View can be customized with your choice of font, text size and high-contrast colors.  Spoken words are highlighted in a choice of colors and shapes that make it easy to follow along.
  • Reads aloud in natural sounding voices
    ImageReader includes realistic NeoSpeech voices that are clear and pleasant to listen to.
  • Simple controls for reading and skimming text
    Start and stop reading or skim forward and backward using simple keyboard commands that you can perform with just one hand.
  • High definition USB document camera
    ImageReader is available with your choice of two portable USB document cameras.  The Adesso 500 captures letter and A4 size documents while the Adesso 510 can capture two pages of a book or magazine at a time (tabloid / A3).  Both cameras are USB powered, so you can use them with your laptop even when you are away from a plug-in power source.
  • Tactile document position mat
    ImageReader includes an custom document positioning mat that makes it easy for the visually impaired user to quickly and accurately position items under the document camera without sighted assistance.
  • Copy, save and share captured images and text
    Captured images and text can be copied and pasted into other applications or documents you are working on, or saved to a variety of standard document and image file types for use at a later time.
  • Simple, straightforward, easy to use
    Using ImageReader couldn’t be easier.  The single toolbar is laid out in a manner that’s intuitive to learn and use, putting all of the important features in plain sight and only a click away.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
    ImageReader’s software and camera solution is designed for streamlined and portable use.  Both large and small camera options fold up for easy carrying or placement in your backpack.  And ImageReader’s unique document position mat can be folded for compact storage and transporting, but instantly lays flat when unfolded onto your table or work surface.

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