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Why is Kaz Different?
Because it’s easy! Developed over a 2-year period, the unique kaz learning method is based on 11 words in just 5 phrases, which enables mastery of the a-z keys in just 90 minutes!* It’s just so easy to use.

Designed for the Future
The latest network and internet streaming technology, the ability to switch between audio or text mode whilst learning, comprehensive back office database system, multi-user, multi- network, multi-platform, accessibility plus health and safety features. From the simplest PC or MAC installation right up to global networks, kaz offers solutions for every use.

Touch-Type = Think-Type™
The ability to touch-type translates to the powerful ability to ‘think-type’. In the same way people can drive a car without thinking of their hands and feet at the controls, being able to touch-type means being able to ‘think’ words directly onto the screen accurately and quickly. You won’t have to break concentration to look down at your hands on the keyboard, or waste time correcting mistakes. And there’s no faster or easier way to learn to ‘think-type’ than with kaz!

At Home, In School and At The Office
In a world dominated by PC’s, it’s essential that people are able to touch-type. Free from ‘2-finger picking’ and having to correct mistakes, touch typists work smarter and faster with much less stress. Children need this ability to save time and excel at creative writing, as much as adults who work on reports or send e-mail. Organisations save time and move faster with lower stress levels in the workplace.

*Tests and surveys have shown that the majority of Kaz users complete the A–Z keys section in 90-minutes. However this is not guaranteed and some individuals will take a little longer. Kaz is structured to work at the-pace of each individual. Allow an average 4 hours plus practice to complete the entire course including the rest of the keyboard.

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