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Simple and effective

You want to write. The last thing you need is distractions. The functions included with WordQ are specifically designed to be simple and practically invisible so you can focus on writing and speaking what’s on your mind.

Supports English, French Canadian, French, German & Spanish!

The nice things is that you just need to know how to click an mouse and tap the keys on a keyboard to use the simple and effective functions:

By turning the Words button on or off, you can have constant edition help while you write. It helps with spelling and word variety and offers assistive with every letter you type. Or, if you prefer, you can just turn it on when you are stuck on a word.

The Speech button lets you hear the words as you type them and also hear the sentences you complete. You can listen to each of the options in the word box as well as examples for words with similar meaning. Because the read-back is clear and uses proper rhythm, most mistakes in grammar, spelling or punctuation are more noticeable.

Select some text and hit the Read button to hear it read aloud. This works anywhere there is text that you can highlight, such as web pages, emails and instant-messaging programs like Facebook, Twitter and MSN.


Summary Features [Select to read more]

·         Enable Performance

·         Increase Motivation

·         Promote Independence

·         Reduce Anxiety

·         Remove Obstacles

WordQ is available for single, volume or unlimited school-wide licences for Windows XP/VIST/7 and MAC OS X.

You can trial WordQ free for 30 days! Please click here to download. 

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